The Ride

Welcome to the “The Ride” section. Below, you’ll find both important and irreverent information about our 2013 Close The Gap Detroit charity ride.

What is Close The Gap Detroit All about? 

A 25-ish mile bike ride through the Motor City. The ride serves a couple different purposes (purpi?):

  1. This ride benefits the Animal Aid Foundation — Run by Aaron Bambach and his fantastic team, the Animal Aid Foundation selflessly rescues and helps dogs and cats, day in and day out. Your money will be benefiting their efforts. Select the “The Charity” tab to learn more, or visit for some serious “aw” moments.
  2. This ride brings us closer to the city of Detroit. We’ll roll through some areas that you might not have been to before. Hopefully, you’ll finish the ride with a new perspective on our wonderful city. We’re striving to “close the gap” (see what we did there?!) between the suburbs and the city by highlighting the many great things Detroit has to offer.
  3. It’s fun! We pedal at a leisurely pace and, whether you’re a socialite or not, you’ll probably meet some pretty nice, like-minded folks.

What Should I Bring?

Here is a brief list of some items you will need, along with several others that we recommend.


  • A bike — This is a must, because, you know, it’s a bike ride
  • Water — It’s in August. It will be hot. STAY HYDRATED!
  • Clothes — This is not anything like the naked ride that those Portlandians do


  • Sun-screen, or sun-tanning lotion, depending on how easily you burn/how bad you want a tan
  • A spare tube — We will have some to spare, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own)
  • A snack or two — We’ll be providing lunch, but it’s a good idea to have an energy bar or something of the like, in case your stomach beckons you with an untimely growl
  • A camera — We don’t recommend Instagramming and riding at the same time, but it can be nice to take a selfie or two at some of the stops


Meet at 9:30 am on August 3rd at Palmer Park in Detroit.

Select the “General Info” tab for more general information.


4 thoughts on “The Ride

  1. Is there a way to ‘opt out’ during the ride and get back to the point of origin if 35 miles becomes too much?

    • Hey Jon,

      Our ride moderators will not be able to escort someone back to the point of origin, so we’d prefer if everyone stuck together throughout the whole ride. However, the 35-mile route is broken up into frequent stops. The longest distance between stops is only 6 miles. Also, we’ll be riding at a moderate pace, so we won’t wear anyone out (including ourselves!)

      Hope to see you on Saturday!

      -Andrew Schwartzenberger

  2. Any idea when the ride ends? Looks like the actually riding commences at 10am, but any clue to an approximation when the group would return?

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