Have a question? Ask one of us.

And remember, there are no stupid questions… only stupid people.

  • Josh Kieleszewski, — The ride leader, head honcho, map developer, human GPS unit, and a brewer of delicious beer.
  • Nic Childers,— Event wizard, host of a killer chili cook-off, wearer of knickers (no pun intended)
  • Andrew Schwartzenberger, — Website stuff, ride helper, mandolin enthusiast (the instrument, not the kitchen prep tool, though the kitchen prep tool is cool, too), owner of a long last name

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. is this ride kid-friendly? We have a 4&5 year old we’d like to bring in a bike trailer.

    • It sure is. And, if they’re riding along in a bike trailer, they’ll probably be fine for the full 28 miles. However, keep in mind that we will be stopping at three different bars.

      Hope to see you all there!

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